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Is a previous employer letter required from all previous employers for an I-140 filling? My employer is filing a green card and a PERM approval has come. I have been able to get an experience letter from 2 out of 3 of my previous employers.
I’m not sure why your employer (or the attorney if a law firm prepared the PERM) did not ask you to obtain the experience letters prior to submitting the prevailing wage for the PERM. It’s extremely important that it’s made clear that you have the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience for the proffered position before starting the green card process. When USCIS processes your I-140 petition, they’ll review the letters carefully and compare them to what was provided on the PERM. There cannot be any discrepancies between the letters and the certified PERM. I remember once USCIS denied an I-140 case because one of the letters said that C++ was required. However, the PERM specified C+. That’s how particular USCIS officers are when reviewing the I-140.Therefore, you will need to get the final letter. It doesn’t have to be signed by your direct boss. A supervisor or co-worker who can vouch for you can sign the letter as well.*I am not an attorney. Please do not misconstrue the above as legal advice.*
Who is supposed to request an employment verification letter the prospective employee or the new employer?
“Proof of Employment” is the subject. Results of elimination of usage, the employee would need the letter to present to someone requesting it. Employee should request from Human Resouces, supervisor, person who hired you• Good Luck. Remember, the first rule to keeping a job is “Showing up” properly dressed and ready……..even if you don’t do your job well. BE THERE.
In case you do not have an experience letter / relieving letter from one of your previous jobs, how should you present it to the new employer?
I started my carrier with one of the MNC's and continued there, but later I was assigned a project which required extended hours, usually 12-14 hours of daily work and sometimes I had to go on Saturday and Sunday also. In the beginning, I thought that it might go on for a month or two, but it continued so I started looking for a new job and found one but they asked me to join in a week, I even told them about 2 months• notice period, but they told to join in a week. So I left the job on 23 of May(i.e. last day I went to office), mentioning that I am not medically fit and after that HR and manager tried to pull me back but I was terrified by the thought of working for so many hours. My relationship with family members and friends were also at stake as I was not able to give time to them. I joined another MNC on 26th of May and started working. Later, I got call from my first company HR in sept, and he gave me a relieving letter where date of resignation was mentioned as 15 June and relieving as 12 Aug and I was also getting salary from first company during this time (At that time, I was unaware of the implications or else I would have returned the salary.). Now, I have got offer from one of the MNC's and I mentioned my first organization (Life's biggest mistake), I came to know that it's a case of dual employment and now I am under immense pressure (unable to sleep from past 11 days due to this) as I am married and my parents also depends on me. My parents sold a piece of land so that I can continue my education and I came to this stage. I don't know what to do, is there any way to get this fixed as I am feeling like a person who have committed some very serious crime and I don't feel like living anymore, also unable to focus on anything, feels like I have lost everything. I even provided the details to a BGV company which is used by most of the MNC's, so my carrier is over as first employer details will always popup if i apply in any of those companies. I am ready to pay penalty for the mistake that I have made. Could anyone suggest or help me on this as you are my last hope?
I'm filling out the employment verification form online for KPMG and realized that it's not asking me for phone numbers to my previous employers. Just curious as to how they verify employment without me providing a contact number to call?
Many US employers today won’t allow individuals (coworkers, supervisors) at a company respond to any questions or write recommendations. Everything must go through HR and they will often only confirm dates of employment.I know this, so I’m not going to waste time contacting phone numbers/email lists of supposed former coworkers or managers. Fact is, if anyone answered and started responding to my questions, I’d be very suspicious. Instead, I just ask for the main number of the company • which I can look up on line and verify to be the actual number of the claimed company.Same deal with academic credentials. I’m not going to use your address for “Harvard” • the one with a PO Box in Laurel, KS. I’m going to look up the address for the registrar myself.Sorry to say, there’s far too much lying on resumes today, combined with the liability possible for a company to say anything about you. A common tactic is to lie about academic back ground while giving friends as your “former supervisor at XYZ.”
What are the implications of not having a relieving letter from the previous employer? How strict are the background verifications done in the US by the future employer?
Apparently, a "relieving letter" is specific to India.In the United States, in the vast majority of cases, there is no law preventing you from holding more than one job at a time. There may be employment agreement contracts which prevent it (which can then, to a greater or lesser degree, be enforced under contract law), but the government generally stays out of the way of employment in that regard.In the US, in general, so long as you are not actively competing against your current employer (and there's all kinds of exceptions to this (eg working at McDonald's and Taco Bell)), you can work as many jobs at once as your health will allow.The relative strictness of a background check is going to vary based on type of employment sought, an individual employee's skillset, the company engaging in hiring the employee, and more.In the US, too, a notice of resignation has to be "accepted" by the employer (under any prevailing employment contract stipulations, of course), since basically all employment is "at-will employment".
How should I reach out to my previous employers to give recommendation letter for a new job?
Best to email (or call) the member of management who best can evaluate your work with the company. That would usually be your direct supervisor, but not always.Address her/him by name and simply say (1) you have been asked to prLetters of Recommendation from previous employers, (2) that you enjoyed your time working with her/him and (3) you would greatly appreciate a positive recommendation.
Is it legal for companies to charge a previous employee a fee for filling out an employment verification form?
I’m not a lawyer, but I’d say you don’t have to pay. The law, as I know it, requires former employers to confirm your dates of employment and title. If your former employer demands you pay a fee for this, ask for the demand in writing (say you need it for financial records), then send a copy of that demand to the company you applied to, and your state’s Office of the Attorney General or Labor Department. The demand on email would also work, as would a voicemail you can attach to an email.
How do I get employment verification from prior employers to verify my employment history?
I can only answer this for the USA. You don't really need employment verification from prior USA employers because generally your prospective employer can call them and ask for dates of employment.However, if for some reason, you do require it. Your previous employers should be willing to give you a letter on letterhead that states that you were employed at xxxxx from this date to this date. No information will generally be provided on your work performance unless you sign a form giving the company a release to prthat information (and some may not release it even then).
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